Security Center

We’re here to help you keep your personal information safe and secure.

Security Center

At Insight Credit Union, the security of member information is a priority. Every day, unscrupulous individuals are busy developing new scams targeting the unsuspecting public and one of the best ways to avoid fraud is to become an educated consumer. Our Security Center offers a variety of valuable materials regarding information security. Be sure to check back often as content is updated regularly.

Fraudulent Phone Calls and Text Messages

We have learned that scammers are placing fraudulent phone calls and sending text messages to some of our members. The scammers pretend to be our representatives. They ask questions under the pretense of protecting account information when in reality they are attempting to get enough information to gain access to your accounts. They are also mimicking Insight’s phone number to make it appear legitimate.

We want to alert all members these calls are NOT from Insight Credit Union. We would NEVER call you and ask for confirmation of existing account information. If you receive a call or text like this, or are ever in doubt, please don't give any information to the caller. Hang up and call us immediately to confirm that we did indeed contact you regarding a legitimate matter. Please keep your personal and financial account information secure and check out 10 things we'll never ask you. 

10 Things We’ll Never Ask You

We will never call or text you and ask for:

  • Your full account number
  • Your full social security number
  • Your full debit or credit card number
  • Your CVV number or PIN
  • You to perform a test transaction
  • You to text or email personal or banking information

We will never:

  • Ask you to authorize a transfer of funds to another account.
  • Ask you for your online banking password or security questions.
  • Provide banking services through a mobile app other than our official app.
  • Close your account for refusal to give the above information.

Remember, you can't alwasy put a face to fraud...even if a call looks like it is coming from Insight Credit Union, be careful. Scammers are getting savvier every day, so stay educated. Check back here often as content is updated regularly.