Financial Seminars

Financial literacy is important at every age. 

Free Financial Seminars

Here at Insight, we are committed to making a difference by offering financial solutions that best fit the needs of the communities we serve. As part of that commitment we offer a variety of free financial workshops with Attorney Tom Olsen on topics ranging from real estate, wills, and trusts, to probates and more. Join us at a workshop near you!

Financial Accounts Payable on Death: What I Need to Know

Easy Ways to Avoid Probate

How to Protect your Life Savings and Have Medicaid Pay for Your Nursing Home

Should Parents Joint Own a Home With Their Children?

What Is the Easiest Way to Transfer the Title to My Home When I Pass Away?

Can I Include Pets in My Will?

Please RSVP to Chris Merrill at or call/text 407.808.8398.