Financial Seminars

Financial literacy is important at every age. 

Free Financial Seminars

Here at Insight, we are committed to making a difference by offering financial solutions that best fit the needs of the communities we serve. As part of that commitment we offer a variety of free financial workshops with Attorney Tom Olsen on topics ranging from real estate, wills, and trusts, to probates and more. Join us on our next workshop!

Financial and Healthcare Power of Attorneys: What I Need to Know

Financial Accounts Payable on Death: What I Need to Know

Easy Ways to Avoid Probate

How to Protect your Life Savings and Have Medicaid Pay for Your Nursing Home

Should Parents Own a Home Joint With Their Children?

What Is the Easiest Way to Transfer the Title to My Home When I Pass Away?

Can I Include Pets in My Will?

Please RSVP to Chris Merrill at or call/text 407.808.8398.