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Intuit Users

If you used any Intuit products with our old Online Banking system, you will need to modify your settings in Quicken, QuickBooks and to ensure the smooth transition of your data. Below you will find step by step instructions for various connections to each of the products.


Direct Connect to Web Connect

QuickBooks DC to WC Windows (PDF)
QuickBooks DC to WC Mac (PDF)

Web Connect

QuickBooks WC Windows (PDF)
QuickBooks WC Mac (PDF)

QuickBooks Online Edition (PDF)


Direct Connect to Web Connect

Quicken DC to WC Windows (PDF)
Quicken DC to WC Mac (PDF)

Direct Connect to Express Web Connect

Quicken DC to EWC Windows (PDF)
Quicken DC to EWC Mac (PDF)

Web Connect

Quicken WC Windows (PDF)
Quicken WC Mac (PDF)

Express Web Connect

Quicken EWC Windows (PDF)
Quicken EWC Mac (PDF)

Mint Conversion Information (PDF)

Encountering an issue after modifying your settings?

Troubleshoot the three most common post-conversion issues with the Post-Conversion Troubleshooting Guide (PDF).