Video Banking Reviews

Your feedback is important to us. Members who use Video Banking are asked to take a brief survey after their call to tell us what they think. Check out what members are saying about their experience.

Immediate Response

"The immediate response and speaking with a ‘live’ person were the coolest parts about using Video Banking." - Sue D

More Personal

"It was a lot more personal to have someone to talk to. I thought it was fantastic." - Daniel G.


"It was a lot easier than having to go in person." - Brianna D.

No Trip Needed

"I was able to do everything without interrupting my workday with a trip to the bank." - Karen H.

Like Being in a Branch

"The ability to have a conversation with a rep face to face was great. The experience was as if I walked in and was greeted in an actual Insight CU facility." - Dean P.

Short Wait

"I spent a very short time in queue. It was great to be able to see my banker. She was very knowledgeable, friendly and professional." - Ray A.

Issue Resolved

"The agent was polite, professional and resolved my issue." - Teresa Q.