Receive updates on balances and account activity, without having to login.


Get peace of mind with timely alerts about your eligible account transactions at no extra charge. Alerts give you the status of account activities at a glance and help you monitor your accounts. You can receive alerts via email, text message or push notification on your mobile device.

Receive Alerts that Matter to You

There are dozens of Alerts to choose from. All designed to give you access to information that matters to you in real time.
You can be notified when:

  • your balance is below or above an amount you specify.
  • a withdrawal, deposit or check posts to your account.
  • a debit card transaction exceeds an amount you choose.
  • your loan payment is due.
  • any check number clears your account.
  • your payment is posted to a loan.
  • your Certificate of Deposit is maturing and more!

Receive email or text message alerts by setting them up in Insight Online*. Push notification alerts are available through our Mobile Banking app.

Setting Up Alerts is Easy

Email or Text Message Alerts: Log into Insight Online and head to My Profile under the Account Services tab. You’ll want to make sure the “Can Receive Text Messages” box is checked next to your preferred mobile number before you set up new Alerts.

Push Notification Alerts: Log into the Mobile Banking app and head to Manage Alerts to receive notices right to your phone.

*Access to, and use of, Insight Online is free. There may, however, be a charge for specific services ordered such as stop payments, etc. Please refer to the usage agreement or list of standard Insight Credit Union service charges for details.